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· 2 min read

Deal Overview

We launched a new dashboard so users can view all transaction management activity in one place!

Deal Overview

  • Manage pre-launch, launched, and closed deals all in one place.
  • Respond to pending CAs, data room questions, comments from individual investors.
  • Deep dive into any specific deal, or view aggregate statistics on all Revere activity.

Upload Multiple CAs for a Deal

Upload an investor CA and a roker CA for fine-tuned control of access and visibility to sensitive documents.


  • You can choose to manually approve Broker CAs while still automatically approving investor CAs.
  • See which CA was signed directly from the leads table.

Live Customer Support


We have now added live customer support to the platform. Reach out to a member of our team from anywhere on Revere and get help in minutes!


Small quality of life improvements

Dozens of small improvements were made to the app based on feedback from brokers and transaction coordinators. A few highlights:

  • Additional information available in the leads table: number of downloaded documents, address and phone number, last note taken
  • Marketing report customizations (reach out to our team for customizations of your marketing report!)
  • Data room table of contents downloadable directly from data room


· 2 min read

Data Room Comments

Investors can now comment directly on files in the data room.

Data room comment

The deal team will be notified of new comments via email.

Data room comment email

The deal team can manage questions and comments on files directly from the data room. All conversations will be kept completely private between the deal team and the investor.

Manage comments

Call Notes Summary improvements

Manage comments

We have overhauled the call notes summary report, now giving you additional insight into potential buyers on an individual and company level.

  • View the "Individual Call Notes" to see notes taken by your team on each individual investor, including time and date information.
  • View the "Company-level Summary" for aggregate details, including the status of the company, the latest tour date, and the priority level.

Transaction management improvements

Lots of improvements were made across all of Revere's transaction management offerings, including:

  • New support for Debt and Equity Deals, including tailored dashboards and marketing reports
  • Support for large contact list uploads (up to 5MB)
  • Image map support for email outreach
  • Responsive layouts for deal pages

And much more! As always, do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected] with questions, feedback, and requests!